His Majesty, the King of Baritaria (tzarohell) wrote in mlib,
His Majesty, the King of Baritaria


Check it out!!

• If things continue this way, I will actually be updating NEXT Friday as well. I know.. insane.
• I'm pondering a new line of t shirts with the roller derby girls on, a Cortlandt Manor Band tour shirt, and one other which I can't remember.. but trust me, it was gewd! And the world needs an iddy shirt to exist, no? I'll get on that after this weekend.
• Derby girl poster featured behind Vivian was drawn by y same-sex heretic accomplice.

Tags: comics, my life in blue, update
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Oh, good grief. Opera glasses? It just gets better.
Yay! I am so very happy this comic has come back :D
Hooray, comic! :)
May I humbly request a t-shirt of the Oxbridge Battle Royale? That image gave me great joy.
THAT was it!!!! Thank you for reminding me - I will certainly make shirt designs of those!
My pleasure! I look forward to seeing the design!
So the updates just keep flowing forth, and now there is roller derby! You are officially my favorite creator of web based visual literature.
So good to see more MLiB updates! I've been checking in like once a month and it's nice to see new things again most of the time. I do like this plot, it amuses me greatly.