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My Life in Blue [entries|friends|calendar]
My Life in Blue. The Lovely Lovely Fan

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Donationbox Update [23 Apr 2010|01:08am]

Got a lovely letter and a lovely donation the other day, so the donation box has been duly updated!

I can say with confidence that MLiB is on hiatus this summer because of very exciting comic and website developments. I will keep you informed. In the meantime, here's this:

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mini update! [16 Nov 2009|05:51pm]

Just letting you guys know - I got a donation, so I updated the strip box! Hooray!

Dobbs has been waiting to take that off for EVER!
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Update! [05 Sep 2009|11:52am]

Enjoy Vincent and James!

• Anyone remember Lukas?
• I'm just as disturbed as all of you to see Vincent calling someone else bonkers.


There very well might be a printed My Life in Blue Anthology in the works. It has yet to be seen whether it will be a complete annotated collection, or a best of - but one thing is for certain, I will include loads of new material along with the old.

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Update! [31 Jul 2009|04:31pm]

New My Life in Blue comic is UP!

• My other comic, Baritarian Boy, is having a fanart contest, with an art prize for every entry! So check it out - deadline August 10th!
• I've decided to do a few mini-stories about specific MLiB characters in the near future. Either in their past, present, or future. Alison as a teenager, what Mordred is up to now, a Cortlandt Manor comic.. etc. So drop me a line here and let me know what character you'd be interested in seeing in a comic like that, and I'll let that guide me. Classic MLiB, or 2.0. I know I definitely want to do a Mordred comic.

Enjoy lovelies!
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Page ReDesign! ..and Update! [16 Jun 2009|05:54pm]

Ho yeah! A degree in graphics pays off at last!

let me know what you think of it!! Its not perfect.. but much more helpful now that I changed the links up a bit. Rollover images are like ambrosia to me. I love thems!

There should be a new comic update in a matter of minutes too.. I've just uploaded it. Enjoy the blueness!

Aaaaand as a special bonus treat... cut for partial nudity...
All the Donation Boxes of the past!Collapse )

Of course there are some missing, especially Jamie's.. but if I run across more, I shall post em up with the quickness.
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Update! [02 Jun 2009|10:35pm]

Enjoy the colours and shapes!

• Jamie got some new iddy pop posters.
• Marius is just returning from the craaazy tea! (I know.. a friggen long tea.. my fault)
• Check out below!!

I will be at the MoCCA Art Festival in NYC this weekend!
I'll be at booth 335 with fellow artiste Lucy Knisley selling my new creation...

Vampire Deluxe!

A semi-farce to answer all the freaking Vampire books out there.
Finally, some wily lotharios take advantage of the fact that aaaaaalll the ladies like undead princes of the night. Please come! Have a fun day in the city and get yourself some comics! I'll have buttons.. everyone likes buttons!
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Merry Tuesday! (Update) [21 Apr 2009|11:51pm]

Enjoy the words and images!
Special Edition Commentary:
• Finally back to the Luurve story.
• iddy missed the whole tour because he was busy canoodling. I mean studying! He is in college you know!!! You can't be a preeminent rock star and a colege student at the same time, geez!
• I just hit myself in the nose with my own computer.
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update! [09 Apr 2009|06:34am]

See Here Now!

• Whilst drawing little sleeping Mona in this comic, I was reminded of how the wonderful girl upon whom I based Mona is now getting married, and I am acting as the bride's best man. Hooray!
• It is becoming more and more apparent to me that Ardsley is the sensible one.
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Update! [30 Mar 2009|07:52pm]

Quick little one this week on account of an extremely eventful weekend. Much love from both to all.
My Life in Blue

But please be so good as to console yourselves with a very beautiful update indeed of Baritarian Boy, which my lovely boyfriend drew. We're getting to the good meaty stuff in that one!

Yours bubblingly,
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Update! [20 Mar 2009|08:28am]

Check it out!!

• If things continue this way, I will actually be updating NEXT Friday as well. I know.. insane.
• I'm pondering a new line of t shirts with the roller derby girls on, a Cortlandt Manor Band tour shirt, and one other which I can't remember.. but trust me, it was gewd! And the world needs an iddy shirt to exist, no? I'll get on that after this weekend.
• Derby girl poster featured behind Vivian was drawn by y same-sex heretic accomplice.

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Art for Sale [19 Mar 2009|12:12pm]

Just heads up you guys - two thingummies:

• I'm selling some original illustrations of some of the most colourful MLiB characters in order to raise money for my kitty.
click to see!

• Don't forget: My Life in Blue will update tomorrow! Huzzah!

Yours ever etc,
Zan etc.
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UPDATE - Now With Fan Service!!! [10 Mar 2009|11:44pm]

"This one's for the Laydees!"

• Best Punchline Ever
• Yes, the next comic will continue this theme. Also, I have already drawn it. So you'll get it next week with "the quickness."
• If you haven't yet, please please please check out the new comic my fiance and I are doing and let me know what you think so far.

hugs and kisses,
Zaphan Beeblebrullo
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TVTropes [23 Feb 2009|04:47pm]

MLIB has an entry in the TVTropes Wiki. It's HERE. Whoever's been writing it (hands up, you deserve the credit!) seems particularly fond of this comic, which is also one of my favorites.
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UPDATE! [19 Feb 2009|03:31am]

Holeh Crap you guys!

• WARNING: partial nipple
• Get them to sign your boobs first, ask questions later.
• I'm pretty sure those shades are solid black and pink plastic from some little girl's my-size-Barbie.
• Depeche La Mode. Tee-hee.
• An explanation:

(Yulia Tymoshenko)

Please Enjoy!
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Update! [13 Dec 2008|01:36pm]

There's a My Life in Blue fresh and hot from the oven!

What the deuce!

• The only way I'm going to keep updating is if I make this thing really bizarre.
• New Strip box! Not because of donations, but because It just needed to be done.
• vincent has never looked so very fem...
• AGH whyy! I made a really stupid grammatical error on the script. I apologize, grammar gestapo!

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OH Guess What! [16 Aug 2008|03:49am]

Comic Update! Holy Crap people!

I'm not gonna apologize anymore. Expect this comic to take strange twists without warning. Here are the comments.

Defenestration is the only proper way of aggressively hanging up a mobile phone. It had to be done.
• Betty character design inspired by Barbara of the League of Gentlemen, and Alice of Superjail. I needed an extremely masculine glamour-lady in my life. And so did Mr. Winters.
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Fanfiction [31 May 2008|02:43am]

This was meant to be entered into the contest held forever ago. I think I chickened out on entering it because I thought that it wasn't good enough. I was cleaning my files out today and found it, read it, and laughed. I figure it's good enough to share. Remember, the premise of the fanfiction was to make certain characters do things that they wouldn't do. In this case that means a very responsible and mildly grumpy and sober James tending to a very drunk a unspeakably adorable Marius.

... no... I don't think you do know.Collapse )
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[29 May 2008|02:22am]

Sorry again for the lack of MLiB updates. I will get back to it, I know it. I just need to devote this time to getting work and selling stuff so I can treat my significant other to luxuries when he visits.

In the meantime, I have another Baritarian Boy comic. How do you like this layout? Better than the other ones? Not as good?

Thank you!
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Un-Update [08 Apr 2008|04:15am]

No, it is not an update. However, it IS two new comic strips for you.

Baritarian Boy - a Comic ProposalCollapse )

I'd really appreciate hearing what you think of these, my lovely readers. I want to submit this premise to a monthly gay magazine in hopes of earning a living at some point in my life.

Thank you so much!
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Update! [10 Feb 2008|03:07am]

Holy Crap!

• I love Mercedes' character design so much, I wish she was a main character. As it is, she is just a pain character.
• This strip and next week's was originally one strip, but I made far too many panels and decided to split them up.
• OH CAR JOKE! How I love you!

Coloured by Sissi once again (except the first Mercedes panel)
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