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This was meant to be entered into the contest held forever ago. I think I chickened out on entering it because I thought that it wasn't good enough. I was cleaning my files out today and found it, read it, and laughed. I figure it's good enough to share. Remember, the premise of the fanfiction was to make certain characters do things that they wouldn't do. In this case that means a very responsible and mildly grumpy and sober James tending to a very drunk a unspeakably adorable Marius.

It was 4:00 AM on a Tuesday and Marius was still out with the “fellas.” Rather, it was 4:00 AM on a Tuesday and the “fellas” were still out with Marius who was currently seated on the railing of some stranger’s balcony estimating how much a shot of alcohol would be in a mug with german speaking bears on the side. He wrinkled up his nose and leaned back pouring the fiery liquid down his throat. He coughed.
“ They didn’t have any shot glasses, Jai,” he whispered.
James growled and whispered harshly up at him from the sidewalk, “ Marius! Get your skinny ass down here!”
Marius looked down and him and pursed his lips. He squinted slightly.
“ Do I know you?” he called back down much louder then someone who had just broken into someone’s home should be.
There was a call from inside the house, “ Honey, there’s a woman on our balcony.”
Marius contorted his face in disgust and slid open the glass door, “ I’m not a girl.”
The man who was currently standing a few feet away with a bat looked shocked at the strange reaction, “ I umm…I’m sorry?”
Marius again pursed his lips and squinted, “ Do I know you?”
The man again blinked and shook his head slowly, “ Get off of our balcony.”
Marius looked down at his seat on the railing and nodded, “ Fair enough.”
With that said Marius tossed the mug down to James who stumbled to catch it and ended up tripping over Iddy who was lounging across one of the cracks in the side walk singing , “ Take this mom!”
James by some stroke of luck managed to catch the mug before getting a face full of mulch.
Marius then proceeded to hop of the balcony and drop into the bushes with a grace not normally afforded to drunkards.
He then looked down at James who was currently spitting out top soil and pursed his lips, “ Do I know you?”
James growled and grabbed his arm pulling him towards the flat. Iddy stood up and skipped close behind them while trying to grope James through the fog of inebriation. James stopped hardly shocked at Iddy’s attention, but wary of the blue and less blue haired man‘s intentions. Iddy smiled and leaned close whispering softly into James's ear while sliding a hand into his pocket.
“ You’ve tested positive for wee!”
James was more then a little pissed at this and growled dragging his “charges” home.
Marius giggled at his side calling over to Iddy in delight, “ do I know you?”

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