His Majesty, the King of Baritaria (tzarohell) wrote in mlib,
His Majesty, the King of Baritaria

OH Guess What!

Comic Update! Holy Crap people!

I'm not gonna apologize anymore. Expect this comic to take strange twists without warning. Here are the comments.

Defenestration is the only proper way of aggressively hanging up a mobile phone. It had to be done.
• Betty character design inspired by Barbara of the League of Gentlemen, and Alice of Superjail. I needed an extremely masculine glamour-lady in my life. And so did Mr. Winters.
Tags: comics, my life in blue, update
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Yay! I was beginning to lose my faith and then...

(Btw. I was wondering, did my email get through?)
Yay an update! And a Cortlandt Manor Band(wagon) one at that. Every time I walk through Grand Central I think of them.
an update? awesome! but WTF does this have to do with the tea party? kinda left hangin' there.

i just found the comic a few months ago, and was so excited to have something new to read. then, i realized it only updates like, six times a year. bit of a letdown, but i read the archives often.

i adore marius. he's so sexy! i love his sarcastic/bitchy nature and his sense of style. alex, mordred, and portia are great too.

i love the way you draw hands.

anyway, thanks for not abandoning it completely. ;)
Thank you for reading, I'm glad you enjoy it.

As I work doing commissions for a living and provide this comic as a hobby and a free service, I often have to put it on a low priority, especially when I have medical bills to pay. As a result, I'm not able to update it nearly as often as I'd like, and sometimes I do lose motivation for a story line and have to abandon it momentarily. I feel bad about doing this, and I do intend to come back to it.
Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that I'd rather put up a comic that I'd just done as the idea came to me, rather than putting up nothing.
Holy Comic Update, Batman! And I didn't see it until a week later, too! I'm so good at keeping up with things.

Also, there is an actual word that means "throwing someone or something out of a window"? I am shocked! I am dazzled! Why was I unaware of this excellent excellent word! I cannot wait to threaten to defenestrate someone. Thank you, Zan, for this enlightenment.