Holeh Crap you guys!

• WARNING: partial nipple
• Get them to sign your boobs first, ask questions later.
• I'm pretty sure those shades are solid black and pink plastic from some little girl's my-size-Barbie.
• Depeche La Mode. Tee-hee.
• An explanation:

(Yulia Tymoshenko)

Please Enjoy!


There's a My Life in Blue fresh and hot from the oven!

What the deuce!

• The only way I'm going to keep updating is if I make this thing really bizarre.
• New Strip box! Not because of donations, but because It just needed to be done.
• vincent has never looked so very fem...
• AGH whyy! I made a really stupid grammatical error on the script. I apologize, grammar gestapo!


OH Guess What!

Comic Update! Holy Crap people!

I'm not gonna apologize anymore. Expect this comic to take strange twists without warning. Here are the comments.

Defenestration is the only proper way of aggressively hanging up a mobile phone. It had to be done.
• Betty character design inspired by Barbara of the League of Gentlemen, and Alice of Superjail. I needed an extremely masculine glamour-lady in my life. And so did Mr. Winters.


This was meant to be entered into the contest held forever ago. I think I chickened out on entering it because I thought that it wasn't good enough. I was cleaning my files out today and found it, read it, and laughed. I figure it's good enough to share. Remember, the premise of the fanfiction was to make certain characters do things that they wouldn't do. In this case that means a very responsible and mildly grumpy and sober James tending to a very drunk a unspeakably adorable Marius.

... no... I don't think you do know.Collapse )

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Sorry again for the lack of MLiB updates. I will get back to it, I know it. I just need to devote this time to getting work and selling stuff so I can treat my significant other to luxuries when he visits.

In the meantime, I have another Baritarian Boy comic. How do you like this layout? Better than the other ones? Not as good?

Thank you!


Holy Crap!

• I love Mercedes' character design so much, I wish she was a main character. As it is, she is just a pain character.
• This strip and next week's was originally one strip, but I made far too many panels and decided to split them up.
• OH CAR JOKE! How I love you!

Coloured by Sissi once again (except the first Mercedes panel)